Development Services

Tatum Real Estate offers extensive third-party development services on a fee-development and a build-to-suit basis. We are also available to act as a general partner in a joint venture project or as a member of a limited liability company on a project-specific basis.

Our Development Services often include:

Owner Representations: We routinely work within parameters set by our clients, and reduce the need for you and your employees to be involved in all of the detailed aspects of the deal creation and the development process.

Pre-Development Services: Identification of the land, feasibility analysis, development management, land use planning, project budgeting, project scheduling and value engineering.

Entitlement Services: Develop strategies for the site including identifying stakeholders in the development process, assembling a project team including architects, engineers, contractors and consultants, interface with local, state and private interest groups, processing the project through CEQA and other focused studies, and negotiating with various agencies for the approvals of the project.

Site and Land Planning: Identifying the owner or user objectives including site identification analysis, size of building, timing and scheduling and budget. Acquisition of the land, overseeing the entitlement process, project financing and development management.

Asset and Property Management Services

Our Development Services team is committed to completing the project on time and on budget.

Knowing where you need to be is easy, let us make getting there easy, too.